Automotive Degreasers

Degreaser and Parts Washing System - Naturama Motive Series

 Automotive cleaning and degreasing system designed to effectively remove grease, soot and carbon.  Non-toxic, enzyme-free and environmentally friendly.

The World's first totally recycling Green Parts Washer

  • Efficiently re-uses the Naturama™ cleaning solution, with major cost savings 

  • Naturama™ is so effective, it needs no heater or pump to clean parts 

  • Available in various sizes

  • No solvents, enzymes or caustic chemicals

  • Non Flammable

  • Extremely low start-up and operational costs


Naturama™ Brake cleaner

  • the safest, most effective non-toxic brake cleaner available. Other brake cleaners may claim to be low VOC, yet Naturama™ has no VOC’s.

  • Cleans brakes quickly and effectively

  • Safe for contact with hands, skin.

  • No need for special ventilation.

  • The product does not release fumes.


General Degreasing and Carbon Removal

Naturama™ degreasers are highly effective at removing grease, oil, carbon and soot.   Naturama™ is effective at removing oil from concrete, carbon from pistons, grease and dirt from engines and general cleaning. 

Naturama™ degreasers are particularly well suited for cleaning systems:

  • Oil rigs, processing and drilling

  • Automotive and truck repair and cleaning

  • Shop cleaning

  • Marine engine room, decks, tanks and bilge cleaning

  • Locomotive and rail cleaning, degreasing and carbon removal.