Naturama™ cleaning formulations are liquid, odor free, foaming, biodegradable, water based solutions designed for use in cold and hot cleaning applications. They are effective over a wide range of operating parameters in penetrating and removing oil, grease, carbon deposits, mud and compounds including fat, protein, carbohydrate and mineral salt based soils. 

These surface active formulations are blended for a variety of difficult cleaning applications, dislodging and removing stubborn organic and inorganic compounds. These unique formulations also serve to enhance any microbiological and odor control program through effective biofilm film penetration and odor neutralization, lifting deposits and encapsulating odors. 


Naturama™ cleaners are particularly well suited for cleaning systems:

  • With oil, mud, chemical residues, soils & organic contamination such as carbon or biological films that require penetration and removal.

  • That require a high detergency, odor free, non -toxic, non-flammable, water soluble solvent/cleaner.

  • Where plastics, electronics and synthetic textiles could be damaged with petroleum and VOC based solvents.


Product Application

Naturama™ cleaners can be applied as delivered or as a diluted solution as a spray, foam, or in a working soak solution. Custom product formulations and process support are available.

Naturama™ cleaner effectiveness for any given application will depend upon a number of factors including: the nature and extent of the fouling, the type of substrate being treated and the degree of solvency required. Product dwell / soak time, applicator choice and solution/surface temperature are key considerations for maximum performance. Where necessary, your Orcan representative can offer technical advice concerning specific site challenges.

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