Corrosion Inhibitors

Naturama™ Corrosion Inhibitors are liquid, odor free, biodegradable, proprietary formulations for static and dynamic metallurgical surface corrosion protection. They are effective over a wide range of operating processes with high adsorption ability on hot & cold metal surfaces.

The formulations act as a mixed type inhibitor providing both barrier filming and anodic/cathodic inhibition. Adsorption of the product onto the metallic surface reactive sites will aid in preventing aggressive ion reactions and will also serve to disperse solids, deposits&/or reaction by-products. 


    Naturama™ Corrosion Inhibitors are particularly well suited for applications: 

    • With oxygen rich, aqueous, corrosive operating environments exposed to the environment.
    • That require an odor free, non -toxic, non-flammable, non-VOC, filming corrosion inhibitor. 
    • Where toxic corrosion inhibitor chemical replacement is a priority due to OH&S or environmental concerns. 
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    Product Range

    Naturama™Corrosion Inhibitor formulations are available in a variety of blends including:

    • EPA Safer Choice Approved
    • EPA Direct Release Approved
    • Non-EPA Direct Release Approved
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    Product Application


    Naturama™ Corrosion Inhibitors can be applied as delivered or as a diluted solution, spray, foam, inline or as a working soak/inhibitor solution. Custom product formulations and process support are available.

    Key considerations for maximum performance will depend upon a number of factors including: the nature and extent of the corrosion, the type of metallurgy being treated, product dwell time, application choice and process operating temperatures.