Enhanced Oil Recovery

Naturama™ Interfacial Tension Reducers are liquid, biodegradable, odor free, proprietary surfactant formulations designed for Enhanced Oil Recovery process interfacial tension reduction. They are effective over a wide range of production well operating processes in enhancing communication of high-viscosity fluids and suspended solids, improving heavy crude oil/bitumen deposit recovery and produced oil/brine phase separation.

In addition, these surface active materials will aid in the neutralization of malodorous compounds and serve to enhance well surface odor control/abatement programs.

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Naturama™ Interfacial Tension Reducers are particularly well suited for operations seeking:

  • Higher production yields
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced handling & OH&S concerns
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Product Range

Naturama™ Wetting  Agent formulations are available in a variety of blends including:

  • EPA Safer Choice Approved
  • EPA Direct Release Approved
  • Non-EPA Direct Release Approved
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Product Application

Naturama™ Interfacial Tension Reducers can be applied as delivered or as a diluted solution inline. Product effectiveness for any given application will depend upon a number of factors including the process injection point and the heavy oil/ bitumen deposit being treated. Custom product formulations and process support are available.
Product reaction time, dosage choice and process temperatures are key considerations for maximum performance. Where necessary, your Orcan representative can offer technical advice concerning specific site challenges.