Wetting Agents

Naturama™ Wetting Agents are a liquid, hydrolytically stable dispersant formulation designed for use in agricultural and industrial water feed systems. They are effective over a wide range of waters in reducing surface tension, effectively promoting ideal ratios of air soil and water content with hydrophobic soil or mineral conditions. The formulations increase the efficiency of water supplied for irrigation, dust suppression or construction.

In addition, wetting agents, when used topically in agriculture processes, can improve the efficacy of crop protectants and/or plant growth regulators. Naturama™ Wetting Agent formulations are believed to exert plant growth benefits by improving root permeability and act as synergists with plant hormones, accelerating growth stimulating effects. In parallel, similar agents have also been shown to be effective for controlling/eliminating problematic zoosporicplant pathogens.


Naturama™ Wetting Agents are particularly well suited for treating water application processes where:

  • Increased spray coverage/placement is desired
  • Hydrophobic soils, sands, surfaces or minerals are present that requiring faster wetting and or water penetration.
  • Improved agricultural water use efficiency and consumption reduction is desired.
  • Where fugitive dust reduction is targete d
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Product Range

NaturamaTM Wetting Agent formulations are available in a variety of blends including:

  • EPA Safer Choice Approved
  • EPA Direct Release Approved
  • Non-EPA Direct Release Approved

Product Application

Naturama™ Wetting Agents can be applied as delivered or as a diluted solution. Custom product formulations and process support are available.
Naturama™Wetting Agent effectiveness for any given application will depend upon a number of factors including: the nature of the substrate being wetted, the product dosage and application rate. Where necessary, your Orcan representative can offer technical advice concerning specific product dosage rates and application challenges.