Who We Are

Orcan Solutions Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of Naturama™ green chemistry formulations.
As a trusted technical advisor, it is our mission to provide effective customer cleaning & process solutions while protecting our planet.

We honor innovative green chemistry technologies including cleaner processes, safer raw materials and safer, effective product offerings.

We recognize and promote the environmental and economic benefits of developing and using novel green chemistry and believe the need for renewable alternatives to petroleum-based resources has never been greater.

Naturama™ is a proprietary plant-based formulation series with an array of applications designed for groundbreaking scientific solutions to real-world environmental problems.
Naturama™ formulation applications include:

✔ Aqueous solvents
✔ Detergents
✔ Degreasers
✔ Dry Foams
✔ Organic strippers
✔ Odor neutralizers
✔ Wetting agents
✔ Process dispersants
✔ Phase separators
✔ Corrosion Inhibitors

The U.S. EPA has signed a collaborative partnership with the Naturama™ development team designed to develop innovative products formulated with raw materials from the Safer Choice™ approved products list.

Two of our Naturama™ base formulations meet the requirements of the U.S. EPA and are now certified as a Safer Choice™ products.

Our formulations certified as Safer Choice™ have also been approved for direct release to the environment under the Safer Choice™ program standards.

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✔ Cold water formulation = reduced energy costs $
✔ Improved OH&S & environmental compliance
✔ Disposal cost reduction $
✔Reduced freight, liability & insurance costs $
✔Reduced fire and explosion risks
✔ Lower product costs $
✔ Improved corporate & public relations
✔ High performance = reduced manpower costs $
✔No vapor or volatility losses = spend savings $