Odor Neutralizers

Naturama™Odor Neutralizers are water based liquid, surface active, hydrolytically stable formulations designed for use in terrestrial and aquatic systems where destabilization and encapsulation of malodorous compounds is required. They are effective over a wide range of operating parameters in abating a variety of offending odor compounds across a broad spectrum of applications including surface aerosol application, air scrubbing systems and soak solutions. 

In addition, these unique formulations will aid in the penetration of organic matter, enhancing cleaning & removal of offending deposits and serve to compliment anynuisance microbiological control program, beneficial to ongoing odor mitigation.


Naturama™ Odor Neutralizers are particularly well suited for neutralizing odors in systems:

  • Prone to biological films and solids deposits that require penetration and dispersion.
  • That require a fast, non-toxic, non-volatile water soluble odor treatment.
  • Where control of nuisance odors is a priority due to OH&S concerns and public complaints
  • Where direct release to the environment is unavoidable or desired.

Product Range

Naturama™ Odor Neutralizaer formulations are available in a variety of blends including:

  • EPA Safer Choice Approved
  • EPA Direct Release Approved
  • Non-EPA Direct Release Approved
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Product Application

Naturama™ Odor Neutralizers can be applied as delivered as a spray, or in a process air scrubber solution. The formulation is effective on waste, industrial sludge's and tailings, wastewater, sand, gravel, grass, soil and and textiles such as hides, synthetics, plastic, wood, fabrics, metal and flooring. Custom product formulations and process support are available. 

Naturama™ Odor Neutralizer effectiveness for any given application will depend upon a number of factors including: the nature and extent of the odor, the type of substrate being treated and the degree of neutralization required. Product application rate, frequency and application technology choice